In keeping with the tradition of a Christmas Letter, eagerly shared with friends and relations, on behalf of the “Lacon Family”, we've put together a brief review of the most important events for Lacon in 2018.

"We are one of Bavaria’s Best 50.”

Lacon is officially one of the best fifty Bavarian SMEs. All winners were able to grow by above-average degrees in recent years and have sustainably promoted the economic location Bavaria. The “BAYERNS BEST 50” award was received from the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Technology (Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie und Technologie). The winners proved that they had the right intuition for changes in the market and actively use welcome opportunities for employment and growth.

The Lacon Group has positioned itself in an exemplary manner when it comes to corporate responsibility, sustainable management in tune with the environment and social responsibility to employees and families.

Partnership with Advantech

TE Connectivity Reseller

“No-one else has that!”, Florian Adams, Head of the Euroconnectors Division, is certain, and looks forward to extending the product portfolio to include TE Connectivity products: every conceivable product combination is fully assembled and made available over night.

After many years of working together and numerous successful production and development projects, Euroconnectors has specialised in the Intercontec portfolio of TE for power, signalling and hybrid technology and is able to analyse the respective application on site and to recommend a suitable configuration. A minimum stock is kept of each variant and each variant is available immediately.

Lacon machinery

Create added value with smart data.

Lacon is turning the EMS production into a digital experience: "Today’s market demands fast, marketable results from EMS specialists, including digitally analysed and optimised master data for all projects, which have been harmonised and standardised.“, says CEO Dr Ralf Hasler, drawing attention to the paradigm change in electronic services. The Lacon Group no longer sees itself as a “pure” contract manufacturer. Because the key to project-driven electronics production lies in choosing the right EMS accelerator which, with a decent portion of experience, “digitally harmonises” each product first. “If a production item has passed through all trades within our company, from the design to component procurement, through to production, I not only receive a well-functioning end product, but also enable customers to have an integrated view of their device.

There is so much additional benefits in the data we supply with the product that it is a productivity gain on all levels”, Dr Ralf Hasler, CEO of the Lacon Group, is convinced about his EMS acceleration concept.

TOP JOB 2018

"We combine nature with electronics.”

"We want to set an example for nature”, is CEO Dr Hasler's reason for his "Future Forest Campaign". A particular highlight in the project with Karlsfeld schoolchildren and the municipality was the planting of a young oak. Since then, a specially installed webcam has played daily snapshots of the “oak of the century" on the Lacon website. The intention is for the people in Karlsfeld will accompany growth of the tree for many years and decades and to sensitise them to continuous ecological processes, which are often lost in our fast-paced times.

An online link to the first Karlsfeld weather station on the website of the EMS service provider was also developed and produced by itself. All data and forecasts for the coming days are updated continuously and are available here.

Euroconnectors website relaunch

The best comes at the end...

This year, Lacon was not only able to congratulate Patricia Reichart for successfully completing her training as an industrial management assistant, but also to celebrate her being the best of all trainees. With the top grade 1.0 she is also the winner of a prize awarded by the state. This award is only given to trainees who complete their training with an aggregate grade of 1.5 or better. Each year, Lacon chooses several trainees and is always especially pleased when they are given permanent positions after their training, like Ms Reichart, and looks forward to trusting and successful work together!

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