Make your products IoT-compatible: Lacon is your smart EMS integrator

Lacon develops and integrates IoT products in a comprehensive cloud service system: Original design manufacturing of your products from the initial concept, to the hardware and software development, to production and box build through to cloud integration and complete service worldwide visualisation and interaction; that’s what makes a smart EMS integrator.

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What is a cloud atlas?

Easy: Your way from the idea to the IoT-ready product with all services in the cloud.

This begins with the concept, which data is requied and how it is collected, processed and sent to the cloud. The sensors, data loggers and computers are then put together, and if necessary the software is developed. Connectivity ensures the connection "upwards", where each type of data analysis and visualisation ensures new and unique interaction and usability for users.

We map this route to the cloud for you with your own personal cloud atlas and advise and assist you during the implementation, from the development to engineering through to box build and integration into the IoT cloud services.

Microelectronics penetrate the consumer and capital goods industries and is changing the collection, exchange and processing of information in an unprecedented way. The largest and most efficient IoT cloud solutions providers will create a new dimension of linked hardware and software worlds, which fully map global industries. In the next few years, the functional quantity, modes of action and degrees of networking between terminal devices with embedded hardware, extensive data storage and intelligent data processing on the world’s largest cloud computing platforms with infrastructure, platform and software as a service will create the ideal of technological singularity – an IoT ecosystem that spans the global economy.

Lacon’s Cloud Atlas

The Lacon Group is the first EMS smart integrator to know its way around this ecosystem and to specifically advise, develop and produce for the digital transformation.

Find out about IoT cloud systems and how you can position yourself, transform and use all the benefits for your branch of industry in the best possible way. A smart integrator knows the difficulties involved in the conceptual stage, integration in the cloud and not least the realisation of intelligent products, and performs competent work, from the initial design to the programming through to the printed board and the virtual twin. Lacon realises your IoT products reliably smart.

As a full service EMS service provider, the Lacon Group provides you with a complete IoT ecosystem, uses the latest IoT-integrated analysis and visualisation methods to automatically process-optimise the often vast data quantities of data directly in your devices.

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Lacon is an IoT smart EMS integrator

We offer the complete portfolio of services needed for the development, industrialisation and IoT integration of your products:

  • Concept, feasibility, implementation, analysis
    for each product idea, from the conformity check to prototyping through to series production.
  • Hardware and software engineering
    Above all for the IoT integration incl. complete supply of optimised hardware, network parts and additional technical components such as displays, HMIs or network connection devices.
  • CAD engineering
    for layout and customised housing including drawing parts (metals & plastics).
  • Complete box builds
    Services incl. D&E, project management plus customer-friendly documentation and factual data management, ODM sourcing, packaging & logistics and life-cycle management.
  • Wire harnesses
    even for special ultrasonic compaction or hotmelt moulding.
  • PCB assembly
    and final assembly plus protective coating.
  • Traceability
    with state-of-the-art quality testing at individual component level!

What does a smart EMS integration process involve?

In-general, companies begin with the so-called  IoT starter kits, with which initial prototypes are equipped and precisely observed as 0 series in the field. The basic principle is simple and is made up of only a few elements:

The suitable ecosystem for integration of intelligent Industry 4.0/ IoT solutions has five core components:

  • the complete software landscape. On the one hand the requirements are highest  possible degree of standardisation, maximum data security (industrial security) and realtime operation, and on the other hand, individual customising and flexibility in use.
  • all logging peripherals (data collectors, sensors, cameras, communication interfaces)
  • the matching communication channels (GPIO, LAN, CAN, WiFi, 2G, 3G) can be called up from a cloud solution or on premise, directly in the hardware environment of your controls and controllers.

It is also important to keep an eye on all boundary conditions:

  • Costs per data point
  • Transfer technology
  • Environmental influences
  • Power management
  • Life cycle management

Based on these aspects, in general a customised hardware platform is produced, which integrates and protects the functional IoT components. Starting with individual applications for standalone machines through to MES in on-going operation, in this way numerous networked dataloggers / sensors monitor the applications in the peripherals more efficiently, with less maintenance and more easily.

Summarising, an EMS integrator oversees all relevant business processes and coordinates the various IoT measures, from the development to process integration through to provision of the trades for construction of the new products. The software specialist is responsible for the system integration with all programming, IOT integration and hosting steps.

“In this way, time and again, during our 'Storming Workshops', IoT technologies are recognised as being new and exciting for participants’ own products.”, says Dr Ralf Hasler, CEO of the Lacon Group, which is one of the largest IoT adaptation providers in Europe.

What does this mean for companies with a broad product base?

Above all, making products and services IoT-capable means moving away from island information, manual interventions on site ex post and arriving at slow process optimisations. With “starter kits” both current products and the installed base can be easily made Industry 4.0 compatible and there are virtually no limits upwards.

How is it done?

With an IoT provider who is able to provide a complete ecosystem and to find the best solution for the existing market and new developments. As a smart EMS integrator, the Lacon Group offers an IoT adaptation group for the introduction of IoT solutions.

  • Drawing up performance specifications in collaboration with several Group companies
  • Complete development of the hardware and software Control, master-slave concept, bus system
  • Complete integration of data communication via XML in ERP or converter of the customer
  • Optimisation of the mechanical design in collaboration with the supplier of the cabinet system

Cluster machine

  • Acquisition and provision of all imaginable data in realtime
  • Automated remote maintenance
  • Automated system optimisation
  • Material Life cycle forecast (wear and tear, repair susceptibility, obsolescence)

Cluster processes

  • Minimisation of deployment times
  • Optimisation of energy, capacity utilisation and pre/ post-processes

Customer added value cluster

  • Data analysis
  • Visualisations
  • Recommendations for action
  • Degree of autonomous decisions

Cluster manufacturer added value

  • Cost minimisation in all areas (development, deployment, support)
  • Degree of self-control
  • Competitiveness
  • Sustainability

It is not the IoT system per se that is decisive, as the software, sensors and networking technologies continue to develop continuously, but the IoT management basis. Embedded in the company organisation is the IoT system management department, which oversees and administrates a complete overall IoT system.

Let us discuss your ideas in-depth, together in a free workshop!

What is the future of IoT?

Ultimately, there will be no area of the automation and investment goods business that will be excluded from intercommunicating components in the long term. The aim is to achieve automated analysis and visualisation of the data volumes, and – depending on the degree of autonomy – to achieve automatically generated process interventions.

Acquaint yourself with a smart EMS integrator: Lacon realises IoT products incl. cloud services from A to Z.

Lacon provides the concept, development, technology, production and support for all areas of use in production, automation, mechanical engineering, road and rail, robotics and consumer. The basic system is based on the 4OR (“four”) principle: Storming, Forming, Norming, Producing.

How can we achieve successful IoT entry?

Lacon offers regular so-called IoT workshops on business model IoT adaptation, which are explicitly intended for the strategic management, in order to discuss and explain the possibilities and limits of production changeover, incl. the existing base, to M2M full service.

The IoT workshops are also open to all persons who are only interested in familiarising themselves with the topic.

All participants receive a CPD certificate and all documents on further conception in operation.

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