In industrial and power electronics, 95% of all modules use mixed-mode assembly. We integrate HEEB laser-guided assembly tables into partial linear production.

Part preparation – involving the bending, cutting, beading and programming of all types of IC components – is completed directly within the unit.

A transponder system ensures that modules can be identified at any time and at any point within the production process.

  • Regular personnel training
  • Certified solder personnel
  • Solder mixed-mode assembly in one work step
  • Transponder system for linear assembly
  • Defence systems (leaded solutions)
  • Minimisation of setup and one-off costs
  • Custom jig construction

Machine pool


  • PLUS 5-hole Wörthmann wave soldering unit
  • Modular construction, easily expandable
  • Pure nitrogen atmosphere
  • Spray fluxer with HVLP technology (precisely-defined spray pattern, substantial reductions to flux consumption)
  • Homogeneous warming of modules
  • Variable preheat range in various lengths, with IR, quartz or convection units plus integrated cooling zone
  • Sector-based soldering using custom solder frames
  • Process gas cleaning and extraction
  • Solder parameters stored to ensure process reliability
  • Monthly machine capability assessment (MCA) + tin analysis by indep. lab
  • Working materials

    • Tin SN 100 C (Sn 99.3/Ni 0.7), melting point 221 °C
    • Alcohol-based no clean flux

Hakko solder baths

  • Specialised solder nozzle inserts for all requirements
  • Various temperature settings possible, 300–450 °C
  • Selective flux application
  • Post-solder PCB cleaning
  • Capacities for highly specialised repair work
  • Working materials

    • Tin SN 100 C (Sn 99.3/Ni 0.7), melting point 221 °C
    • Alcohol-based no clean flux
    • PCB preheating to avoid component temperature stress

Laserlite HEEB assembly tables

  • Semi-automated assembly with programmed lasers
  • Short setup times
  • Process reliability for high placement densities and high placement volumes

Fisnar/Vieweg dispenser

  • Digital time control
  • Vacuum retainer
  • Configurable dispenser volumes
  • Working materials

    • Solder paste
    • SMD adhesives
    • Thermal compound
    • Potting compounds
    • Lubricants
    • Oils
    • Sealing paint
    • Silicones

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