As a coating procedure to DIN EN 971 – 1:1996-09;
the commonest method of application is injection and spraying, with dip coating as an alternative.

Let our experts advise you on the most suitable method for your components.

With our new coating line system, your PCBs can be precisely coated and cured while ensuring the very highest levels of quality.

Other advantages:

  • Coating plant
    – Traceability via barcode scanner to the coating plant
    – Automated program selection via barcode
    – Plant data collected: coating material; batch; air humidity and temperature; coating quantity; serial number of the module
  • Curing oven
    – Serial number of the module; temperature profile of the individual drying zones; duration of the drying process

Lacon coating line system

Machine pool

SCS Precisioncoat

  • Combinable spray/dispenser head system
  • Dispenser head for other procedures such as bonding, potting and sealing (single-component material)
  • Dispenser head fitting with Luer taper system
  • Designed as a 5-axis system (x, y, z, rotation of up to 360° and tilt of up to 45°)
  • Positional accuracy +/-25 µm (axes)
  • Monitoring and documentation software
  • Material feeding via container and/or cartridge
  • Rapid valve change system
  • Offline programming system

Curing oven

  • Single-track
  • 90 mm component height, topside and underside
  • Temperatures up to 200 °C possible
  • 5 drying zones (2 infrared/convection; 3 convection)
  • Traceability at module level

UV inspection belt

  • Manual inspection of fluorescent protective coatings
  • Configurable random sampling interval
  • Also functions as a manual workplace
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