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PLC LS80 automation solution



Control panel, access control based on PIN or RFID (ISO 15693) and IPC controller or PLC in one device.

  • Control system in the medium-performance segment with modular CAN slave CANK
  • Huge range of expansion options using either centralised or distributed peripherals

Technical data

  • Programming languages: S7-300-compatible, Step7®, KOP, FUP, AWL, SCL, S7-Graph
  • Non-volatile memory: 512 kB code/1,024 kB data
  • Memory for visualisation project: 32 MB
  • Processing time: comparable to S7-315
  • Programming interface: RS-232 (null modem cable), Ethernet

  • Trend archiving:

    • SD/MMC slot: MMC/SD card
    • USB host support: up to 2 GB of mass storage

  • Centralised peripherals: 5 free module slots
  • Decentralised peripherals: up to 63 CANopen®-compatible slaves
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