Advantech Co-Creation Partner Conference

CEO Dr Ralf Hasler spoke at the Advantech Co-Creation Partner Conference on 06 June 2019 about the exciting development from an EMS service provider to an IoT Smart Integrator in industrial business. In the same workshop

"Smart Tailors: Your Cloud Atlas to IoT-Integration. We realize your products."

he also described successful case studies of how products can be realised.

Lacon presented its Cloud Atlas for the development and integration of industrial products and devices on a global service cloud. In sync with the topic, the product realiser raffled a Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch.

The Advantech Europe IoT Co-Creation Partner Conference brings together all stakeholders, partners and experts from the industry. The objective is to develop a unique, global IoT network, whose innovative power, creativity and collaboration create values, enable an ability to act globally and allows incredible synergies in speed, efficiency and sustainability to result.

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