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Lacon goes global!

Knotted by hand, equipped with a strong carabiner, we have sent a Lacon Palstek on the long journey to Joshua in Australia.
Joshua has been living in Australia for a year now. He heard about the Palstek-campaign from his climbing friends in Germany. He thought it was a great idea for an EMS service provider to ship a carabiner and show in an abstract way that there is more than cable crimping and circuit boards behind EMS manufacturing plant. Therefore, despite the distance he thought it was worth a try so he wrote to the marketing team. He did not expect us to actually send him the rope in Australia.
However, for our internationally oriented company, comprehensive service starting with the initial customer contact up through customized production and life cycle management is required for success. "Satisfaction in the EMS business has a name: Awareness," says CEO Dr. Ralf Hasler. Every inquiry, regardless of how far away, is received by the respective expert and usually starts with engineering.
Why did Joshua want our carbiner? "Confidence in the partner and the material is especially important for climbing." He trusts and can rely on a manufacturer in the mountains who has worked with these products for decades and knows his trade 100%.
The problem is similar in the EMS industry. In order to avoid falling and human error, one must be able to rely on each individual cable, the controls and even the smallest components. We have confidence in our employees, suppliers and materials, and we guarantee our customers safety and the best quality in all of our products. This is why large international companies are among our customers.
Until he can climb in the Cranberry National Forest, Joshua shows our little Palstek from Karlsfeld how beautiful the world can be ... Like here at “Ninety Mile Beach" in Gippsland.

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