Health monitoring

Routine medical check-ups can often lengthen the lives of adult patients who consent voluntarily to such screenings. The same is true of electronic modules.

Life-extending strategies based on monitoring

Our services at-a-glance

Continuous and proactive health monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring for predefined modules
  • Component screening in terms of long-term availability
  • Recommendations for stockpiling or substitution
  • Detailed state reporting

Automated health monitoring

  • Completion of continuous monitoring for modules manufactured by Lacon
  • Review of the risk profile for each article movement
  • Signal triggered by a defined value being exceeded
  • Recommendation for bypassing the bottleneck

Project-related health monitoring

  • Targeted and selective analysis of high-risk components with a corresponding action plan

Component database

We work with the Part Search Tool, a product supplied by Siliconexpert Technologies.
Formed in 2000, Siliconexpert offers ultra-high-precision data on over 300 million electronic components used in the global electronics industry.

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