Repair centre

For expensive low-volume production or modules with obsolete components – and for unexpected breakdowns in the field – remanufacturing can be a more prudent alternative to new production.

Professional servicing

Alongside all kinds of work on boards of every type, we also carry out all kinds of inspection and repairs to industrial electronic devices.

  • Power adapters and PSUs
  • Power electronics components
  • Medical devices
  • UPS systems
  • Custom and specialised devices

We handle the manufacturer/OEM guarantee claim procedure.


We offer this service both for the system owner and for the manufacturer of the devices or modules. Where repairs are required cyclically, we work with you to establish work and inspection centres, and stockpile spare or replacement parts.

Collaboration process

Troubleshooting/cost estimates

  • Fault finding, cost estimate submission
  • Resolving errors by repairs or technical improvements
  • Decision to repair, scrap or recycle components during remanufacturing work


Inspection/test of the repaired module

  • Typical guarantees for repairs
  • Selection of required test equipment
  • High-quality jigs for exhaustive functional testing

Swap stock

  • For remanufacturing: replacement of defective and functional modules using a rotational principle based on stockpiling repaired modules

Component warehouse

  • Inspection and documentation of critical desoldered and cleaned components
  • Deployment as required in the repair process

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