Reverse engineering

Lacon Reverse Engineering includes all services that are capable of restarting production for an existing, legacy or discontinued electronic system to the latest technological state of the art.

You are welcome to inspect any of our project phases.


Modules are analysed, and their structure, components, states and behavioural patterns are extracted. Following what is generally a high-intensity research phase, the updated components are then restructured.

Reverse engineering of modules

  • Collection of all available documentation

    • Module including the sum total of all available peripherals
    • Test jigs and programs
    • Creating of original parts lists
    • Functionally-compatible redesign or replacement of obsolete parts

  • Replacement of selected modules and functionally-equivalent redesign
  • Recreation of design files, parts lists and encoder data where design files are not available
  • Functionally-capable sample required

Reverse engineering or new development?

You have the option of choosing between efficient reverse engineering and cost-effective new development, in cases where embedded software is responsible for a high proportion of the functionality of the overall system. In some circumstances, full-scale new development can be the more prudent option.

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