Ensuring safety
At the press of a button: save lives, evacuate or send a silent alarm. Actigy by Aspiria can do all this. Actigy is a modern safety system, which can be simply coupled with the phone system. This removes the need for a complicated connection to servers.
With Lacon as a strong partner in the IoT and EMS business, this idea was transformed into a reliable product, which can now be used in schools, shopping centres and large firms.
We support Aspiria's Actigy with the following development and production services:
•    Design of the membrane keyboard
•    Hardware adjustments
•    Production of the electronic assembly
•    Clarification of technical questions and ideas Thanks to our flexibility, speed and individual support, we were able to convince Aspiria of the advantages of working with us. Aspiria is already planning further project with Lacon as the product realiser. We look forward to a long-term partnership

Highly protected for every movement.
A handy medium for reliable storage of data? Most people immediately think of the small, compact electronic device called a USB stick. Yet what if a violently moving machine had to be supplied regularly with configuration data? The handy but far too labile stick would then no longer suffice. A renowned mechanical and plant engineering firm came to Lacon with just such a requirement, and entrusted it with finding the solution: the customer supplied the circuit diagram and the product realiser’s task was to develop and produce a robust machine-compatible stick from it. The hardware development department designed the circuit for a small Starrflex printed board (boards with movable component), which supplies the mechanical CAD data for the development of an injection mould with IP69 protection rating. The sensitive component was completely encapsulated by means of hot melt, thereby making it 100% watertight, vibration-proof and dust-protected – for carefree and long-lasting use in a rough environment. Further state-of-the-art coating technologies for valuable electronics.
Exklusive Unterwasserbeleuchtung vom Start-Up Daisa LED
Bringing light into dark waters…
… this is achieved using the exclusive underwater lighting of the “Daisa LED” startup in cooperation with Lacon. When launched on the market at the beginning of 2018, this lighting will be the brightest by far on the market for ship electronics. Made in Germany (and not, as is usually the case, in Asia), it produces an extremely, but nonetheless pleasantly bright light cone over 20 m and in still water it can even reach a radius of 100 m, with the possibility of a wide colour spectrum. Attached underwater to the stern of a ship or boat, extensive illumination of the sea can be very welcome to night-time divers or snorkellers. The optional underwater play of colour also has an unforgettable entertainment factor. With its longstanding development expertise in the LED lighting sector, Lacon Electronic was able to assist Mr Hagdorn, the managing director of Daisa, from the outset. To date, Lacon has undertaken the hardware and software development and the assembly of the printed boards. In addition, the copper enclosure with seawater-proof coating, and the box build are produced promptly.
Finally a real sophisticated solution.
Designing technically ambitious solutions in EMS-business represents Lacon. Additional electronic that needed to fit into a compact drilling system made specific demands for the board. The solution could only be represented with the help of a rigid-flex-board. Here you will find the complete Lacon Case. Customer FineLine presents case study with supplier Lacon.
Power supply units for SkyPanel® of ARRI Lighting
SkyPanel® is one of the most versatile and brightest LED soft lights on the market. For example, the colour temperature of the C-versions (Color) can be continuously tuned between 2,800 K and 10,000 K – and with excellent colour rendering across the entire range. The plus/minus green correction and the option of setting fully saturated colours including subtle colour nuances, make the SkyPanel® a unique soft light on the market - whether on large film sets, in film studios, in stage shows and even in fashion events.
Lacon Electronic produces suitable power supply units for sizes S30 and S60 / S120. The very close and long-term partnership extends across Lacon’s entire supply chain (from material management to PCB assembly through to device assembly, including end testing).
  • Intensive support from the prototypes through to series production
  • Control of all suppliers (worldwide component purchase)
  • Flexible adaptation to the customer’s basic conditions (including setting up a dedicated production line for them in our Romanian location)
  • ERP system with comprehensive, 100% traceability across all trades (by means of barcodes, DataMatrix codes)

Box build of the largest FFF 3D printer
Industrialisation and production of the complete device With a volume of 1m³, the BigRep ONE is currently the largest FFF 3D printer for professional and industrial use. It all began with an unfinished parts list...
  • Industrial Engineering (creation & completion of all parts lists; selection & qualification of suppliers; drawing up visual work instructions)
  • Elektronics (preparation of EMC test, IPC selection & qualification)
  • Wire harnesses (control panel – machine interface; detachable supply cable; concept & production of drag chains)
  • Control panel assembly (electrical design on EPLAN P8; parts list optimisation; reduction to one voltage level; 110V/60Hz variant)
  • Box build (mechanical assembly; wiring; commissioning; packaging; shipping to the end customer)
3D ultrasound diagnostic device for the medical industry
Detect, analyse, evaluate. In the field of imaging diagnostics, the complete device assembly was undertaken for a 3D ultrasound diagnostic device including
  • materials management
  • production of electronic modules
  • and the test concept
The complete device is used successfully in
  • vessel diagnostics
  • operation planning
  • and operation evaluation.
Lacon is a longstanding partner of medical engineering and is certified to EN ISO 13485. Find out more.
"MyReserve” solar store
The cable and connection technique between intelligent controls, battery storage systems and the operating units of the MyReserve photovoltaics store (http://www.solarwatt.de/de/komponenten/stromspeicher/) are produced and delivered on-schedule by Lacon. The innovative heart of the complete device is preassembled, assembled by SOLARWATT in Dresden and is packed suitably for shipping. In this way, regional electronic partners of SOLARWATT throughout Germany can install the new devices for their customers quickly and with attention to customer focus. The cash and power flow can be controlled and manoeuvred around the clock with a user-friendly app. A large number of private households can now decide for themselves how their own solar electricity is used. Find out more in our article.
Energy supply systems
A robot is only as agile as its energy supply system allows it to be. Perfectly-designed cable assemblies follow the robot's movements like a shadow. Since robots and applications each have very different requirements, however, tailor-made specifications form an essential part of Lacon's product offerings. The best example is functional packages, which are used for spot welding in the automotive industry, for example.

Here, a powerful supply line provides primary power to the welding gun, while control lines with specialised shielding are use to transfer data and regulate welding current. These are accompanied by highly flexible, abrasion-proof hoses in a variety of dimensions for the supply and return of coolants, and a compressed air supply. For other applications, however, the corrugated tube's innards can look quite different.

We design and manufacture energy supply systems for robot manufacturers, for system integrators and for system owners. <link file:2364 download file>Lacon Robotics Catalogue
Railway display systems
  • Value-oriented optimisation of the overall system
  • Supplier selection and end-to-end material procurement
  • Manufacturing of all modules (cables, circuit boards, mounting plates)
  • Installation, endurance test and commissioning for complete display system
  • Replacement part supply for 15 years
BGE medical device
Human medical devices Together with our partner, we have developed a rinsing system capable of meeting the hygienic standards of modern human medicine.
From the conceptual planning of the control and sensor systems, and extending to the cabling for the entire system, we have developed an all-in-one system that complies with the latest safety requirements. In consideration of the challenging environmental conditions, custom signal processing firmware and hardware was developed with a focus on redundancy.
An intuitive user interface and a comprehensive concept for system maintenance were key components of this development project.
Osram Wireless Ambient Light
The trend towards personalised car interior lighting Wireless Ambient Light now offers this as a wireless option, also for upgrading existing systems. Two separate modules for the door frames are available, as well as two wallwashers, two spots and a light guide. They can be installed in the car interior in various positions, adding a touch of red, green, blue, orange or pure white lighting, just as the mood takes you.
A remote control is also supplied. Nor does this rainbow of options impact driving safety: since the illumination provided by Wireless Ambient Light is homogeneous, it generates no disruptive shadows that could distract the driver. The accentuated lighting system can also be set to one of four levels, from 10% to 100%, to ensure dazzle is not a problem.
The LEDs come on automatically when the car door is opened. All modules can be easily controlled with a remote during the drive. Installation is simple: no cables are necessary, since the LEDs are battery-operated.
Fresh Detect

The first handheld device for real-time microbiological testing of food quality

  • Support for capital procurement and business planning
  • Prototyping and continuous improvement
    (optimisations for housing and packaging)
  • Hardware and software development
  • Circuit board manufacturing
  • Equipment installation and calibration

In the autumn of 2017, Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported about the “high-flier” in "Illuminating freshness”.

Open PLC LS80
Control unit, access control with PIN or RFID (ISO 15693) and IPC controller or PC in a single device Control system for the medium-performance segment with modular CAN slave CANK, huge range of expansion options with centralised or distributed peripherals
  • S7-300-compatible, Step7®, KOP, FUP, AWL, SCL, S7-Graph
  • Non-volatile memory: 512 kB code/1,024 kB data
  • Memory for visualisation project: 32 MB
  • Processing time: comparable to S7-315
  • Programming interface: RS-232 (null modem cable), Ethernet
  • Trend archiving: SD/MMC slot, MMC/SD card
  • USB host support: up to 2 GB of mass storage
  • Centralised peripherals: 5 free module slots
  • Decentralised peripherals: up to 63 CANopen®-compatible slaves x 6 modules
Rail systems
  • Switch gear for brake control units in rail systems
  • Relay sockets for brake control units in mass transport systems
  • Tank battery modules for diesel locomotives
  • Wire harnesses for general rail system use
Reverse engineering PCBs without system schematics
In the joint project "Integrated Process Chain for Electronic Component Maintenance" <link file:5722 download file>(INPIKO), Fraunhofer IPK and Lacon have joined forces to develop an automated process chain.
This aims to enable the inspection, repair and reverse engineering of old PCBs in the absence of board documentation or system schematics.
If it's successful, it will constitute a minor revolution in the market.
Medical devices
The production of medical (or "biomedical") devices involves the application of the principles and laws of engineering to the field of medical science. This combines expertise from the field of technology – especially in terms of problem-solving and development – with the subject-specific knowledge held by doctors, nursing staff and other medical professionals so as to improve the diagnostics, treatment, care, convalescence and quality of life for healthy individuals.
Parts dispensers for process materials and tools
Customer benefit from the system
  • Full integration into the customer's ERP
or online shop
  • Process reliability, due to intelligent removal mechanism and IT integration
Lacon's service provision
  • Full hardware and software delivery (control, master/slave model, bus systems, user interface, communicator for databases)
  • Manufacturing of all electronic modules
  • Machine installation and commissioning
We understand distribution business!
Which is why Conrad and many other leading broadline distributors have entrusted us with their specialist product ranges in the connector and circuit board connection technology sectors.
Our services in detail:
  • Pre-processing of all product master data for listing in print catalogues and online shops
  • Ensuring fulfilment of agreed replenishment times
  • Handling of third-party business in the name of and for the account of the broadliner
  • Manufacturing services for the distributor's customers
And you can naturally source larger quantities and production requirements for all product ranges directly via Lacon Euroconnectors!
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