Disinfect with light

Frequent hand washing prevents the spread of viruses and has been shown to reduce the risk of infection.

But what if germs are constantly adhering to all kinds of objects and you can never get rid of them, particularly if the items and equipment are in permanent use in offices, workshops or on factory floors?

Real-Life Test

Our marketing specialist Katharina tests the brand new hygiene case herself.
She inserts an item, sterilises it and, when you open the box; lovely and clean – it’s magic! – a sweet treat!


Homemade delicious Knalle Popcorn from Berlin

Get yours now with every first order!

Nobody constantly washes their hands and disinfects everything they touch - it’s too complicated, too expensive and, above all, takes far too long.

But the perfect solution is literally close at hand!

Simply use the power of light!

Our new sterilising case is THE alternative to chemical disinfection

All objects are sanitised with UVC radiation in minutes. It destroys 99.9% of all germs. This avoids the use of chemical disinfectants and saves laborious manual effort.

Disinfection with UVC radiation is very simple: the radiation damages the nucleic acids of the microorganisms to inhibit reproduction; UVC radiation reliably kills all pathogens. This technology is already used to treat drinking water and for sterilisation in hospitals. Lacon Electronic and Würth Industrie Service believe it is time to actively support health in the workplace.
Quick, easy, low-cost

Dr. Ralf Hasler, CEO Lacon

A very simple and safe sterilising case for all materials and everyday objects. Honestly: the health and safety of my employees is well worth it. Every day.

Safe disinfection. Easy to use.


  • 360 degree mirroring irradiates objects from all sides
  • Maximum protection with a safety circuit
  • LED system lights
  • Minimal generation of heat
  • Automatic switch-off including integrated timer
  • Efficiency of UVC illuminant: c. 35%, i.e. a UVC output of 4,200 mW is generated with a 14 W electrical charge.
  • Environmentally sustainable: NO chemicals! Highly economical with approx. 20 W power consumption (220 V mains connection)
  • Standard size: 520 x 390 x 175 mm, more sizes available on request


Don’t give viruses a chance! Disinfect with light!

Use and Applications

  • All common everyday objects
  • Smartphones, radios, keys, tools, machines, hand scanners, DECT handsets, keyboards etc.
  • Ideal for use in incoming and outgoing goods areas, at order picking stations, materials issue points, shipping areas, etc.
  • Suitable for sanitising wired objects, e.g. keyboards (passage seal variant on request)
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