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UV-C Koffer

Small Things Can Make
a Big Difference

It´s home time!
Your vehicle can refuel.

Thanks to the intelligent & smart load distribution from Mr Klug load peaks in housing are no problem any more.

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Hello and welcome!

We realise your products.

Lacon is one of the Top 20 EMS providers in Europe. We are not only able to assemble printed circuit boards and wire harnesses; with us you get the concepts, development, design and production of your products - complete original design manufacturing made in Germany.


An ODM expert opens up new prospects for you, which we would like to introduce to you by looking at the various divisions and expertise within the Lacon Group. Our definition of service is more than you merely being able to rely on our production: Specialists in development, design, industrial engineering and, of course, all production areas are there at your side – our engineers and technicians assist and advise you along the entire value chain.

We love your products.

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