Design & Engineering

Above all, you need an idea (as Plato might have said):

For Plato, the idea was the impetus for everything else. Ideas mean progress, and ideas mean innovation.

This is why we have continuously expanded our design and engineering capabilities in mechatronics over the years. Drawing on our own staff and our network of suitably-qualified partners, we are able to take our customer's needs for modules and equipment and develop these into industrialised products with long-term stability.

Our developers are not "code monkeys", who stubbornly plough through a set of specifications. We collaborate with you proactively, proposing a range of solutions that we then implement rapidly. Prototypes are available as soon as possible, so you can get "hands-on" with your ideas. And all supported by project planning, milestone releases, risk assessments and documentation during development.

Specifically, our design and engineering work covers:

  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Layout development
  • Mechanical systems design