Hardware development

Product and hardware development for OEM modules in industrial automation, metrology and control systems.

The focus is on fully-customised embedded systems and microcontroller solutions for use in industrial automation.

Our services at-a-glance

Power supply

  • DC/DC modules
  • AC/DC modules
  • UPS systems
  • Charging systems

Microcontroller-based control units

  • Development of microcontroller circuitry
  • Development tools – Eagle, Altium Designer, 3D Inventor
  • Your one-stop shop for hard-/firmware

Membrane and short key strokes

  • Front panel membrane keyboards
  • Short key strokes
  • Membrane and touch keyboards
  • Graphics implementation

Panel PCs/industrial PCs

  • Development of custom IPCs based on Windows, WIN CE, Linux or QNX
  • Single-board computers – Axiomtek and Kontron products or developed in-house

    • Panel PCs
    • Top hat rail PCs
    • 19" systems
    • Embedded PCs

User control/input systems

Specification of the system's underlying CPU, determination of interfaces for controlling the peripheral modules, selection of visualisation technology, power supply system development:

  • Alphanumeric displays
  • Graphical displays
  • LED displays