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PCB assembly

PCB assembly for prototypes, batch or high-volume, round-the-clock production: high-quality systems and personnel – guaranteed.

We can process the very smallest components (01005), fine pitch, complex multilayer, flex strip, aluminium PCBs for LEDs, micro-BGAs (QFP 55x55) and much, much more…

One of our specialties: PCB placement for boards up to 550 x 440 mm.

Should repairs or prototypes become necessary, we warmly invite you to make use of our rework and prototyping unit: BGA rework facility, dispenser, manual assembly, etc.

Our Electronics Procurement unit buys components worldwide, and works with certification agencies to verify component authenticity in the case of discontinued components or dubious sources of supply.

Our strengths – your benefits

  • IPC-certified personnel
  • Any order size guaranteed
  • Rapid product changeover
  • Low setup and one-off costs
  • Traceability
  • Rework and prototyping unit
  • Electronic component tempering and long-term storage

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