Vapour phase soldering

SMT placement machines

3 x Samsung SM421

  • 6 spindles with flying CCD vision or stage vision (with megapixel camera)
  • Polygon vision for automated odd-shaped part identification
  • 120 feeder slots max. (8 mm), SM non-stop feeder (interchangeable in-process), intelligent feeder system, feeder stock monitoring
  • Traceability
  • Automated pickup offset correction
  • Flying vision component spectrum: 01005 ~22 mm IC, QFP ~0.3 mm (lead pitch), CSP/BGA ~0.5 mm (ball pitch)
  • Stage vision: ~55 mm, connector ~75 mm
  • Placement rates 21,000 CPH (chip part/h) (IPC-9850)
  • Placement accuracy: chip ±50 μm, QFP ±30 μm
  • Board size min. 50 x 40 mm, max. 600 x 400 mm (L-type)
  • Board thickness 0.38 ~ 4.2 mm

Solder paste printers

DEK Infinity Screen Printer

  • Green camera
  • Blue 500 mm USC with vacuum
  • Advanced board and stencil 2D inspection (2Di)
  • Maximum print area: 510 mm (x) x 508.5 mm (y)
  • Maximum screen frame size: 736 mm x 736 mm x 38 mm

EKRA X3 Screen Printer

  • EKRA Vision Alignment System (look up + look down)
  • Optional automatic 2D inspection (post-print inspection)
  • Programmable, automatic stencil cleaning
  • Maximum print area: 510 mm (x) x 508.5 mm (y)
  • Maximum screen frame size: 736 mm x 736 mm x 38 mm

Samsung SMP200XL

  • Optional automatic 2D inspection
  • Programmable, automatic stencil cleaning
  • Maximum screen frame size: 736 mm x 736 mm
  • Maximum applicable PCB size: 650 mm x 400 mm

SMD Technology

Why go to Asia? Quality is just around the corner!

Remember to work through the following checklist if you're considering production based in Asia:

  • Transportation routes and costs
  • Insurance and levies
  • Delivery time!
  • What happens if goods shipments are delayed or lost?
  • How are claims processed?
  • Can you ensure rapid, straightforward personal support?
  • Quality of goods? What's the reject rate?
  • Can you be certain that "your" PCB doesn't suddenly turn up somewhere else?

Quality Made in Germany plus our system of offline feeder bank setup permits short, high-speed production lines featuring superior productivity and competitive prices.


Our fully-automated systems achieve reliable average speeds of 35,000 components/h at excellent quality.

We offer traceability as standard at MODULE level. In special circumstances, traceability can also be guaranteed at the COMPONENT level.

Machine pool

3 lines, plus 3 standalone automated machines for prototyping, batch production and production of samples

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