Energy transition between Elbe and Isar: SOLARWATT and the Lacon Group expand system partnership.

Lacon uses solar power. Even when the sun’s not shining. Work is proceeding non-stop on the energy transition. For next-generation solar storage systems.

Cabling and connection technology between the intelligent control systems, the battery storage systems and the user controls of the MyReserve photovoltaic storage system ( are manufactured and delivered on time by Lacon. The innovative system at the heart of this all-in-one unit is pre-assembled, finished at SOLARWATT in Dresden and packaged ready for shipping. This lets SOLARWATT’s electronic partners located throughout Germany install the new unit on-site both quickly and to their customers’ satisfaction. A user-friendly app is used to control and adjust electricity earnings and power output around the clock. Numerous private households are already enjoying the outstanding design and the freedom of being able to decide for themselves when their own solar power is actually used.

Lacon and SOLARWATT: the component, module and system leaders for an innovative energy storage concept

The outstanding design quality of MyReserve impressed the judges to win the 2016 German Design Award, adding to the EES Award the storage system had already received in 2015 at Intersolar Europe as an outstanding energy storage solution. The combination of visual appeal and innovation is otherwise known to consumers only from household appliances.

Rapid technological change in storage technology, increasing product complexity, design-driven user interfaces and cross-system functional integration have been the typical factors for energy transition acceptance in recent months. This calls for a synthesis of development and manufacturing competencies across the entire product lifecycle.

To ensure it is optimally positioned to face the future here as well, the Lacon Group fields a dedicated team of experts for “New Technologies” with competencies in development services, manufacturing and design for excellence (“DFx”), conceptual work on testing and inspection, and supplementary distribution support.

“The resulting concentration and development of technical insights in terms of both creation and evaluation increases the competitiveness of our customers’ products over the long term,” says CEO and Lacon Group majority shareholder Dr. Ralf Hasler. A key advantage, as he explains: “Our collaboration with SOLARWATT means that we are able to stay one step ahead of the technological transition and work closely with our system partners to develop production strategies in-house that can then be directly and competitively implemented at one of our two production facilities in Europe.”
A highly reliable, end-to-end supply chain is ensured thanks to the global capacities of the two companies.

Lacon’s long-established “Connector Café” (Steckercafé) and the new showroom at SOLARWATT offer a relaxed atmosphere for holding technical consultations: the optimal selection of products can be viewed and trialled, and the right solution can be chosen over a cup of coffee. This “Touch & Play” model is already well-known to the consumer from retail, of course, and its transfer to the context of the energy transition aims to make technology and innovation more accessible. This also now makes it possible to make the technical context and the topic of environmental protection appealing to all age groups and corporate functions.

Dr Ralf Hasler:“This partnership places Lacon and SOLARWATT at the forefront of high-end technology, and supports the guaranteed product ramp-up of new innovations that power the market launch of energy-efficient applications.” 

Detlef Neuhaus, CEO der SOLARWATT GmbH, erklärt: “This partnership offers us a number of synergies. The opportunities Lacon offers in terms of system design, product modelling, manufacturing and testing methods perfectly complement SOLARWATT as a technology leader in the production of high-quality, modular energy storage systems and innovative customer solutions.”


Formed in 1993, SOLARWATT GmbH operates around the world from its Dresden-based headquarters. With over 200 employees, it is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of photovoltaic solutions, from high-quality solar modules “Made in Germany” to intelligent energy management and storage systems for consumer and industrial use.  In 2013, SOLARWATT GmbH became a BMW Cooperation Partner for the company’s “360° Electric” programme for low-emission and efficient electromobility.

About the Lacon Group:

Based in Karlsfeld near Munich, Lacon is a certified industrialisation partner for high-tech companies and an owner-managed specialist EMS provider with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing. Lacon’s 450 employees develop, manufacture and integrate electronic modules and all-in-one systems at two European production facilities in Germany and Romania. Supplying everything from a single source, Lacon handles the complete spectrum of development, design & engineering, module, cable and device assembly, and control panel assembly. This makes Lacon a trusted industrialisation partner for young companies in particular, and this business segment constitutes an innovative growth area for the Lacon Group.

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