360º disinfection with light

In catering and housekeeping, action must often be taken quickly. Cleaning must be carried out within a short time slot. Corona has increased guests’ expectations significantly due to the political requirements for greater thoroughness. Hygiene and sterility play an even larger role than before.
The aim is to unify the profitability of restaurants and hotels with maximum safety for guests through space-saving, fast and reliable hygiene measures. That is now an important point within the tourism industry. Many ideas are unfortunately expensive or difficult to implement.

How can the gap between time expenditure and sterility be closed?

Disinfecting each item of daily use that is handled – a work-intensive, rarely comprehensive and above all time-consuming procedure. *Our fully-equipped transportable hygiene module ensures time savings of up to 89% for “disinfection” compared to conventional manual chemical disinfection of individual items.  5-log reduction of SARS-CoV-2 viruses is verifiable and guaranteed. The Fraunhofer Institute has also certified this for us.

Destroys SARS-CoV2

Our UVC light within the frequency band around 254 nm destroys bacteria, germs and viruses reliably, especially coronaviruses. If spores are UVC resistant, a 3-log reduction is nonetheless achieved.

Simply use the power of light!

Our new hygiene case is THE alternative to chemical disinfection

All objects are sanitised with UVC radiation in minutes. 99.99 percent of all germs are removed. In this way you can reduce use of chemicals and spare yourself laborious manual effort.

The items also do not have an unpleasant disinfectant smell and they have no remaining sticky residues on them. By doing without chemical disinfectants, you contribute to environmental protection. Employees are also protected from negative health effects caused by handling disinfectants.

Insert the items, start the disinfection and remove the items after the signal sound is emitted. The disinfection itself works without manual assistance, so that during the process the employee can follow its progress and at the same time carry on working.


Disinfection by means of UVC radiation works extremely easily: The radiation damages the nucleic acids of microorganisms, thus preventing their reproduction, UVC radiation kills all pathogens reliably. This technology is already used to treat drinking water and for sterilisation in hospitals. We have also had our technology confirmed and certified by the Frauenhofer Institute. Lacon Electronic thinks it is time for practical solutions to also be available for the hotel and catering sector.
And ideally they should be:

Quick, easy, low-cost.

Support Your Locals

With each enquiry regarding the hygiene case, the Lacon Group supports the “Spotlight on DAHhoam" initiative of DACHAU HANDELT!. The objective of the crowd funding is to support the event industry in the Dachauer Land region. We want to actively contribute to ensuring the survival of the culture sector in Landkreis Dachau and see the value of our regional culture. The initiative organises great online events such as concerts or theatre productions. These can be viewed free or by livestream with an event ticket. With each enquiry regarding the hygiene case, Lacon commits itself to the project.


“It makes me proud to know that I can support the catering, hotel and tourism industry with my hygiene module. I also miss sociable gatherings in my favourite restaurant or a holiday by the sea with my family. The hygiene case has therefore become a pet project of mine.”

Disinfection? Yes, with safety for health

An important point for UV equipment for surface sterilisation is the topic of health and safety – UVC radiation is highly dangerous and, if used improperly, can cause serious damage to the eyes and skin. Our equipment is therefore equipped with extensive safety functions, which ensure the safety of the user.

Occupational safety requirements or specifications of the institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention in Germany (“Berufsgenossenschaften”) are therefore met easily – unlike many other devices, some of which have UV radiation sources without safeguards or can only be placed on the market with a warning label. Here, too, we have had the safety of our equipment confirmed by an independent test institute  (safety test to IEC 61010 by SGS)

Easy to use

Scope of performance

  • Radiation of the items from all sides due to 360 degree fully reflective coating (aluminium hammertone interior, extremely lightweight and robust)
  • Maximum protection due to safety circuit
  • LED system operation button
  • Minimum heat generation
  • Automatic switch-off including integrated timer
  • Efficiency of UVC lamp: 50 µW/cm2  at 254 nm and 1m distance, radiant flux 5 W
  • environmentally sustainable: NO chemicals! extremely economical with approx. 17 W lamp wattage (220V mains connection)
  • Standard size: 520 x 390 x 175 mm, other sizes available on request

Areas of use and applications

  • All commonly used everyday work items
  • Blocks, television keyboards, drink cans, pens, folders
  • decorations, flowers, candlesticks, work utensils, glasses, tablecloths, serviettes
  • Ideal for room cleaning, as the case is mobile and can therefore be carried from room to room
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