26 October 2017

Interested in attending an inspiring event packed with tech and electronics at our Munich premises?

Learning about the ideas and tech behind young start-ups in 10 minutes and immersing yourself in their exciting world? Join us for the 2nd Electronics Slam Germany at our Lacon Group headquarter.

Find out more about tomorrow’s products and solutions from the global players, get yourself digitalised inside electronics, go golfing on our driving range, have almost anything engraved and much, much more… The Lacon Group offers you an exclusive look behind the scenes at the world of EMS and its production techniques, the digital transformation and, last but not least, new high-tech processes in IoT and EMS – from IoT ecosystems to new ultrasound methods and on to next-generation vapour phase soldering.

2. Electronic-Slam
Inside Lacon Electronic
26 October 2017, from 3 PM

And that’s not all! In the evening, the ODEON Youth Symphony Orchestra will be delighting the audience at the 2nd HighTech Meets Classic concert, held on Lacon’s premises. Conducted by Julio Doggenweiler Fernández, ODEON gives many prestigious performances every year and has been very successful in orchestral competitions.
After the overwhelming response to the first HighTech Meets Classic concert at Lacon, these award-winning young artists will be offering us another sample of their musicianship with pieces from Mendelssohn, Bach and Verdi, and the fulminatory Strauss finale ‘Thunder and Lightning – Electronic Pulse’.

2. ‘Electronic Pulse’ Symphonic Concert
HighTech Meets Classic
ODEON Youth Symphony Orchestra Munich
26 October 2017, from 7 PM


Felix Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 5 in D minor, op. 107


Johann Sebastian Bach – Double Violin Concerto in D minor, BWV 1043

Soloists: Valerie Steenken, Mischa Nodel (violins)

Julio Doggenweiler Fernández (conductor)

With the ODEON Youth Symphony Orchestra Munich (ODEON YSOM), Julio Doggenweiler Fernández has taken first prize in both national and international competitions. ODEON YSOM also became an associate orchestra of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra in 2011.

Experience a fresh approach to pitching visionary product ideas – enjoy a series of entertaining and compact SLAMs presented by the founders of ‘our’ start-ups:

mymuesli (Max Wittrock)

566 billion muesli variations
An organic muesli mix that meets the highest quality standards: People’s tastes vary, we’re told – and this is exactly the highly personalised concept that’s promoted front and centre on the ‘muesli tubes’ from the leading muesli makers who are now a household name. In ‘To Go’ stores dotted all over Germany, individualised muesli mixes are sold alongside porridge, tea from Tea Tree and Nilk.

SensuSport (Nils Bühring)

New-look psychology
“To feel more, you need to see less”: in a nutshell, that’s the perfect advice for anyone wanting to become the next Tiger Woods. SensuSport offers cognitive psychology research in a pair of glasses – and you can try it out for yourself at this Slam!

FreshDetect (Oliver Dietrich)

Germ alert!
Rotten meat scandals are rarely out of the headlines. Not least because meat inspections are either quick and subjective or precise but very time-consuming. But the new hand-held freshdetect BFD-100 measures the bioburden and temperature of pork and minced meat in a matter of seconds, while also offering lab-quality precision. Ensuring that dodgy meat ends up in the bin and not in shoppers’ baskets.

markju (Alexander Sauter)

Personalised engraving of tools, golf balls, pens, etc.
Easy to use: Control the laser marking machine intuitively from your PC and get your hands on the engraved product after just 30 seconds: phone cases, jewellery and tools. High-tech that anyone can use!

VoltStorage (Jakob Bitner)

Free your energy
What if privately generated solar energy could be used even when the sun’s isn’t shining – to gain more independence from the energy market? That’s the idea behind Munich start-up VoltStorage, which has developed the safest, most ecological and most profitable solar power storage for home owners, which is soon to be launched on the market.

Agrilution (Maximilian Lössl)

plantCube: your intelligent indoor garden
agrilution’s plantCube is a plug ‘n’ grow greenhouse that comes complete with the seed mats you need to grow herbs, salads and microgreens. Within the plantCube, optimal irrigation, temperature and lighting give the final produce its incomparable taste. An app connected to the plantCube shows how your various greens are growing and, most important of all, when you can harvest what, as easy as 1-2-3 – no green fingers needed!

The ‘Inside Electronic’ Experience

Dive into the dazzling, digital wonder of Inside Electronic and let your five senses be enticed into the colourful world of products and experiences on offer at the Lacon EMS plant.

Established companies and innovative start-ups let you take part in their product concepts – with touching, tasting and trying-out included!

  • Come on a thrilling journey and an out-of-this-world rollercoaster ride for your whole body with the HighTrend 5D VR simulator
  • Your performance on the driving range can be significantly improved by blocking out distracting visual stimuli with the recently developed Golf Shutter Glasses.
  • Personal engravings at your fingertips on golf balls, pens, etc. in no time at all with the incredibly versatile laser engraving machine.
  • Tease your taste buds by trying out endless variations of healthy organic muesli.
  • It’s OK if it smells OK? Try it out for yourself with this hand-held instrument for quick and reliable quality control in the food industry!


“The sauce to meat is ceremony; meeting were bare without it.”
(William Shakespeare)


If you’re looking to relax with kindred spirits and tech enthusiasts to discuss impressions and network,
probably the best approach is with delicious fingerfood made from hand-picked ingredients in the one hand and an electrifyingly
good drink in the other!

And your electronic enlightenment continues even here – we’ve a few surprises in store!

The ‘Inside Electronic’ Experience – the exhibitors

– A family business
binder is a traditional, family-run business and one of the market leaders for circular connectors for automation engineering. Headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany, the binder Group employs 1,700 people worldwide. The Group includes a total of 14 group companies. One of binder’s many strengths is in providing tailor-made customer solutions.

Clean energy everywhere
Siqens GmbH was formed in 2012 in Munich as a technology innovator by a management team with over 55 years of experience in the fuel cell industry. By developing renewable energy solutions based on fuel cell technology, Siqens is making a substantial contribution to helping to resolve the kinds of energy issues we are now increasingly facing as a society.

A unique underwater light experience

Innovative inventors who aren’t afraid of mixing electricity with water – that’s Daisa LED in a nutshell. The newcomers are aiming to set new standards for boatbuilding and yachting with their innovative lighting systems. Breath-taking illumination above and below the waterline turns LED technology into an experience all its own. Be a part of it!

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